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Now that you have successfully completed your virtual evaluation, you are now ready to start booking assignments

How It Works 

  • To get started, find and click on the state where you live and want to work.
  • Review the open assignments in your area by carefully understanding the family’s needs. Please review the location (zip code), number of children, age, pay, and specific needs to know which assignments work best for you.
  • Before submitting your interest in an assignment, ensure the requirements completely fit your needs and ensure your submission video is ready. (If you need help creating your video, contact HR immediately). You can submit interest to as many assignments as fit your needs. MyWoosah will contact you once finished.

Assignments in Your Area

Click on the state where you’d like to browse the assignments. 

MyWoosah Benefits

Higher Pay

Flexible Schedule

Holiday pay

Weekly payment

Performance Incentives

Up To $600 Sign On Bonus

Job security

Wellness Insurance

Professional development

Long term Assignments

How To Videos

Getting started with MyWoosah is easy. However, if you need additional help, we have added the ‘How-To’ videos below to support you.

About MyWoosah

MyWoosah’s mission is to restore trust, safety, compassion, and affordability to the childcare industry. We understand the pressure of balancing the needs of today’s world- that is why we provide safe, personalized, and affordable services because every family deserves a breather.     

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