MyWoosah Open Assignments

Open Assignments in New York

Afterschool care for two school-age boys in Long Island, NY

The family needs care for their two-year-old girl, who has speech delays. The mom wants someone who can help her with her talking, help her with breakfast and eating, and educate her on other toddler developmental aspects.

Lisa C. Family needs short-term drives services in Mamaroneck, NY

The mom works from home and needs someone to pick up her 7-year-old from school and help with homework. She requests the care professional to have a car, live close by, be vaccinated, be a nonsmoker, and be okay with dogs. They only need short-term assistance.

Adam S. family needs a full-time nanny.

This family needs someone who can drop off and pick up the kids from school in addition to care at home. The family requires that their care professional do some light housekeeping and meal prep and must be vaccinated. Kosher is a plus.

Sandra M. family needs someone to care for their son

The mother needs three to four days of afterschool assistance. She gets her exact schedule two months in advance. Her son is high functioning on the spectrum and has a tutor from 4-7 PM. The care professional must monitor her son during his tutoring sessions and afterward ensure the son has dinner, finishes homework, and is ready for bed.

Danielle C. family will need short term care for her two boys.

This family will need someone to use the family car to pick up the kids from school and care for them until the parents return—slightly different hours on Fridays.