MyWoosah Learn

What is MyWoosah Learn?

MyWoosah Learn is comprised of highly trained and passionate educators ready to create a personalized learning experience for children. Whether your family needs a full-time or part-time educator, tutoring, or homework assistance, MyWoosah Learn is here to help.

What is a MyWoosah Educational Assistant?

A MyWoosah Educational Assistant prepares students for academic success by implementing state curriculums in an in-person or virtual setting. This professional facilitates a personalized learning program using culturally responsive instructional strategies, analyzing student data, monitoring student progress, and providing student intervention as needed.

What is a MyWoosah Tutor/Homework Assistant?

A MyWoosah tutor or homework assistant meets with students to clarify and review concepts taught in class. MyWoosah tutors are passionate about helping students succeed in their academic journey. Each professional delivers information clearly, accurately, and in a friendly and helpful manner.


Why MyWoosah Learn?

MyWoosah Educators:

  • Administer personalized educational assessments
  • Create customized lesson plans
  • Execute standardized teaching practices
  • Are highly trained professionals
  • Provide in-person or virtual learning options
  • Provide a dynamic and interactive learning environment


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