Employer-Sponsored Care Benefits

MyWoosah works with Businesses to provide their employees with quality and consistent care for their families. Our Employer-Sponsored Care program allows companies to offer their employees world-class care packages in the form of employment benefits that fit their needs.

Research shows that organizations with Employer-Sponsored care benefits have increased productivity by more than 40% and their revenue by more than 60%.

With MyWoosah's Employer-Sponsored Care program, employees get custom-matched with providers who fit their needs ensuring they do not lose valuable time sourcing through thousands of providers.

Reasons Why Companies Should Offer Care Benefits

Revenue Loss

Studies show that employees without consistent and quality care cost the economy about $12 billion annually.

Workforce Ratio

As of 2022, 72% of the US workforce have children or elderly family members who need consistent care.


More than 90% of millennials will quit an employer without some form of family care benefits.


MyWoosah Solutions

Care Packages

MyWoosah has custom care packages that fit companies with different size budgets and headcounts. We curate these packages to meet the needs of each organization's benefits hierarchy.

Back Up Care

At MyWoosah, no one size fits all; that is why we offer backup care for organizations that would instead use us as a resource for on-demand needs.

Care Support

As part of our vision, we support your employees with industry resources and world-class customer experience agents that ensure they never feel the guilt of outsourcing some parenting tasks.

Why MyWoosah

MyWoosah was created with Employers in mind. See why over 3,000 Businesses trust MyWoosah.

Custom Packages

MyWoosah has custom packages that fit every company size, plan, and budget to ensure that you can scale up or down as needed.

Employee Retention

Today's employees list company-sponsored care benefits as one of the highest reasons for choosing and sticking with an employer long-term.

Full Cycle Implementation

MyWoosah ensures that every employee enrolled in your employer-sponsored care program gets our white-gloved service from enrollment to placement.

Increased Productivity

Work-life balance continues to be a 'hot topic' for the modern workforce, placing companies who support this balance in a position to achieve increased productivity.



How It Works

With MyWoosah, providing your employees with quality care benefits can be completed in four easy steps. 

Contact MyWoosah

Speak to our Enterprise Account team to discuss your company's needs.

Choose a Package

Work with us to create a package that fits your size, needs, and budget.

Facilitate Enrollment

Work with MyWoosah to build custom care profiles for employees who enroll.

Begin Placement

Employees with complete enrollment can begin scheduling care services.


Don't take our word for it. Instead, see what our users are saying about us!

Marcelo C Marcelo C

Marcelo C


My wife was looking for work and a gentleman by the name of Marcial, HR Recruiter, reached out to her for a position. She is truly enjoying her time working with a great family. I love how happy she is coming home and love the communication that MyWoosah has provided.

Marcelo C
Sarah B Sarah B

Sarah B

Care Professional

They have influenced not just my career but also my own personal life, and their professionalism is outstanding. They made finding a care provider work stress-free. They made my husband feel and me comfortable and made sure I was introduced to an amazing client.

Sarah B
Abeera W Abeera W

Abeera W


It was tough for me to get such reliable help as a parent. I have been searching for too many years, but now I am pleased because they have been a lifesaver for my child and me. When I called the company, they had immediately given me a response and took the time to help me.

Abeera W
Erica S Erica S

Erica S


My two kids get out of school at 3 p.m. and then need to be driven to sports practices. I am supposed to work until 5 p.m. I use MyWoosah Drive to get the kids around so that after dinner I don't need to get back on my computer. We can enjoy more quality time together in the evenings.

Erica S